Thursday, September 30, 2004

Got your marching orders?

What is going on with you Democrats? Where is your integrity? How can you walk in the street facing your neighbors and each other?

Dan Rather is at it again. Why does this man still have a job? As if using obviously forged documents wasn’t enough! I have spoken to several Democrats who until the last week STILL believed the documents were true. What’s worse is now that they are forced to admit the frauds they take the “ends justify the means” position that the documents while false embody the truth of the events. This is the same position Dan Rather and Killian’s secretary take. I’d like to see if a teacher would accept a forged or plagiarized paper on the premise that the body of it is factual and presents the student’s position faithfully. Rather now presents us with the “new draft” story using Brenda Coco, crossing-guard and mother, as well as unnamed emails, as sources. Rather completely disregards the undeniable FACT that the new draft movement was started, fostered, and nurtured by Democrats, namely Charles Rangle (D-NY) and Fritz Hollings (D-SC). It has amazed me to hear journalists refer to this story in the last few weeks and tie it to Republicans. I have also heard it from local Democrats, too.

Jason Blair at the New York Times was creating stories out of whole-cloth. His stories made the news as they were repeated across the media spectrum, because if the New York Times says it, it must be so. Blair fabricated quotes and events to suit the needs of his, and his editor Harold Raines’, philosophy. Both are now gone, but Blair’s writing books! What self-respecting publisher or reader would purchase the material of such a writer? Well, of course, his book has sold well and is in fact carried in my local library.

Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 is another one - Moore has been repeatedly exposed for a complete fraud, but across the world and here in Springfield flocked to his film, even after it was revealed for the propaganda it is. Bowling for Columbine is another film of his that is loaded with false information. This pathetic individual is actually presented to us as a columnist for a major news magazine and people read him.

This week John Kerry explains how his previously described “nuanced statement” of voting for and then against “the $87 billion” as ‘a poorly phrased comment made at a late night rally when he was tired’. This comment has been explained by Kerry and his supporters at least five times. Yet we are expected to believe that he has had “only one position on the war in Iraq”! Despite what his supporters want to tell us in 1997, fully a year before Bill Clinton signed the Iraqi Freedom Resolution (calling for military action in Iraq, I might point out), Kerry stood before Congress and decried Hussein’s WMD threat - that was 97, 4 years before Bush came to Washington! On the campaign trail, Kerry differentiated himself from Howard Dean’s insane claims that “America is less safe with Saddam in jail”, by standing on the position that Saddam was a threat and we were right to take him out. Once Dean was gone Kerry would have waged “a smarter, more sensitive war”. In August, Kerry stated that “knowing what we know now, we still should have gone to war”. Last month, John Kerry reversed that position word for word on national television. There’s something to be said for Kerry’s approach, no matter what he says he’s making someone somewhere happy.

I can understand why Democrats are such angry people. If my candidate for any office was such a weather-vane, I’d be angry too. The difference is I wouldn’t support or vote for him. Republicans hold candidates to a higher standard - remember Jack Ryan? Let me remind you - Ryan was a solid candidate, ahead in the polls. For some reason, still not revealed, a judge opened sealed divorce proceedings for journalists ‘fishing’ for a story. Ryan made some risque choices while on holiday with his wife. He resigned from the race rather than embarrass his family and party. Please contrast his behavior with that of Democrat New Jersey Governor James McGreevey

I asked when my town library would be getting “Unfit for Command” and the librarian's reply was “I really don’t want to get it, at all”, but she couldn’t point to one untrue element in the book. Asking about Zel Miller’s premise that his Party had become extreme, a local Democrat activist told me Miller should have left the party if he wanted to speak at the Republican Convention. I was flabbergasted, so I asked him if his position was “party-line-right-or-wrong” and after flopping around the issue his reply was “yes”! A local school principal, who sports a Dean bumpersticker, told me that he didn’t think Kerry lied when he said “I don’t own any SUVs”.

And you call people who listen to Limbaugh “mind-numbed zombies”!


At 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is what I find interesting about most democrats and or "LIberals" that I know.
Most all seem to hate (I do not know where this hate comes from) Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, fox news etc. I then ask them if they ever listen to say, Rush, O'reilly.... They all answer: I would never listen to them. This truely bothers me as I listen to ask much liberal media/news etc as I do conservative listening. They base there opinion on other individuals opinions without giving a chance to listen.
The sick/sad thing is that the Democrats truely SPIN most everything they say (attorney talk....).
I wish more people would WAKE UP and smell the roses.

At 2:41 PM, Blogger jmstettner said...

I couldn't agree more.

I think it's a sad state when so many people open their minds to pure propaganda and never question it's source or reliability.

You also pegged the nature of the disinformation - it's ALL spin!

Case in point - Tony Blair decides that, due to health issues (heart trouble), he will finish this term, seek another term, but then not go for another one after that. Terry McAuliffe spun that into Blair being so damaged by his alliance with Bush that he wouldn't seek another term. Just a complete and total mis-presentation of the facts.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)


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