Thursday, September 23, 2004

Suppression or Free Expression?

I watched C-SPAN last night and Sheila Jackson Lee was speaking to an empty house. This isn't really unusual, as many floor speeches are made simply to get into the record and most congress people have better things to do than listen to each other drone on and on. What was interesting about Lee's comments last night was her topic - Voter Suppression. In this campaign cycle, this has become a cause celeb with many people decrying the violations of Florida 2000 and swearing to not let it happen this time.

Lee was grousing about Ohio and it's system for Provisional Voting. She had visited the state recently and was appalled at the 'problems' in the system and how it's being attacked. For those who don't know, Provisional Voting allows you to enter any polling place and vote provided you are registered somewhere within the state of Ohio. This is great for people like students, people who travel a lot, and homeless. The problem is that it's also a system designed for voter fraud. There's really no clear-cut way to keep people from voting "early and often". It would appear that Lee doesn't mind the flaws and is appalled that anyone would even suggest that voters in Ohio would behave in such a manner.

Normally, I'd not have made an issue of this, I find Shiela Jackson Lee to be one of the most egregious Grape Kool-Aid Drinkers I've had the misfortune to be exposed to. However, just this morning some REALLY interesting stories have come to light. Democrats across the country have been hitting the podiums wailing about the Voter Suppression in Florida and vowing to stop it from happening again (no, there's no such thing as 'talking points'). It seems that the Democrat definition of Voter Suppression is when dead and fictitious people aren't allowed to register, or when Democrats aren't allowed to vote more than once.

No, I'm not talking about the story from a few weeks ago about New York voters who then voted again in Florida, but rather voters in Ohio and Michigan. Two Democratic Action Groups have been "Getting Out The Vote" by registering new Dems in droves. The problem is that they have been registering people who are already registered, registering dead people, registering people who don't exist by changing the spelling of a name, and a host of other creative practices.

Detroit Free Press

Lansing City Pulse

Cleveland/Akron News Channel 5

I happen to be a Notary Public in Vermont and take the time to register people of ALL persuasions. Unlike Hillary Clinton, I believe EVERYONE should vote, no matter which side they support. I am personally responsible for every registration form I put my name to. Why is it that the Public Interest Research Group in Michigan (PIRGIM), Project Vote, and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) are not willing to be held responsible for the actions of their representatives, people that where their badges, people they trained and gave marching orders to?

The most amazing thing here is how often the Dems are 'caught with their hands in the cookie jar' and yet they shamelessly and with a straight face say, "It was a small group of low-level staffers and is not indicative of any wrong-doing." or "Oh, everybody does it!" When will the Democratic Party get some integrity?


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