Friday, November 05, 2004

Dysfunctional Party

The Democratic Party is simply dysfunctional. George W. Bush has a mandate and yet many Dems can not see it. An overwhelming popular vote would give a mandate, but Bush did not take one; however he did win and his coat-tails increased seats in both houses of Congress. It could also be pointed out that Bush took the Presidency at a time when a few Supreme Court seats would become open, which projects his values well into the future. Furthermore, the Democrat candidates for Vice-President and Senate Minority leader couldn’t win re-election. This is a mandate and Democrats don’t seem to get it. The protests in Vermont remind me of my five-year-old pitching a fit when she doesn’t get her way. Democrats need to recognize why they lost, why the Republicans won, consider if they have a message fit for today’s world, and, if they do, what that message might be.

On November 4th Terry McAuliffe, chairman of the Democratic Party, pointed out that his party had the largest war chest ever and was well positioned for ‘08. Also, Evan Thomas of Newsweek told Matt Lauer that the press had given Kerry a pass, never reported the mismanagement of his campaign, and Kerry’s tendency to vet each position by checking with his ‘friends’ to see what they thought . That same day Raymond Hernandez wrote in the New York Times, “the defeat of John Kerry has left Hillary Rodham Clinton as one of the most powerful elected officials in the national Democratic Party”.

Is this what you really want your party to represent and stand for? Money, deception, polling. If that’s what you want then Hillary would be your candidate. I hope the media will give us a true and fair look at Hillary, but I seriously doubt they will. If the past is any indication, they wont.

Hillary is as dishonest as the day is long. The stand-by-your-man woman who by her own admission knew about Bill’s promiscuity even back in Arkansas yet spoke directly to the American people and lied through her teeth. The “smartest woman in the world” who hitched her wagon to her husband’s star, parlaying his success into her own. He became Attorney General in Arkansas and she ‘landed’ a job with the Rose Law Firm. He became Governor and she got partnership (only after the partners sought legal advice on the potential for conflict of interest). She used his position to broker a $1000 investment into $100,000 in cattle futures. He became President and she hired Craig Livingstone as White House Chief of Security, but denied even knowing him during Filegate (which again begs the question of her complicity in Filegate). Anybody remember Billy Dale? Hillary had him fired, investigated, and tried for embezzling Travel Office funds (which the Grand Jury acquitted him of in less than 90 minutes). This is the woman who, faced with the fact of her husband’s infidelities, created “the vast right-wing conspiracy” out of whole-cloth rather than tell the truth.

Consider for a moment who the Democratic party puts forward as leaders: Robert KKK Byrd, “character doesn’t matter” Clinton, “I didn’t know it was a fund-raiser” Gore, “the wheelchair-bound will walk again” Edwards, and “I threw someone else’s medals over the wall” Kerry. These men are great fund raisers. They are wonderfully charismatic. They are also spineless, conniving, hucksters. Tom Harkin ranted about Bush’s wartime service, but never mentioned how he lied about his own service. Max Cleland blithely allows his war injuries to be mis-characterized.. Tom Daschle blasted Bush repeatedly but didn’t hesitate to suggest they were pals in his campaign for re-election. Bill Clinton actually dodged the draft and Democrats insisted that was not an issue ~ until it came to Bush, who did not dodge the draft. Teddy Kennedy couldn’t come from a wealthier, more connected family, but it’s a Bush Empire. These are people totally disassociated from the truth as is their party.

Democrats see America in a way that I just can’t grasp. They are the party of multi-culturalism and globalism. They look to ‘the world’ for approval, but when this country was formed, it was in defiance of the old world. I don’t see too many Americans climbing over walls, daring the oceans on rafts, or standing in great numbers in lines to become citizens of other countries (despite the empty threats of many Democrats to do just that if Bush won). I have heard Democrats bemoan the fact that we are the sole super-power standing in the world today. It seems that what Republicans consider the strengths of this country are considered it’s weaknesses by the leadership of the Democratic party.

The Democratic Party held the reins of power in this country for forty years or more before Ronald Reagan. They came to power with their plan for the Great Society. More money for a better education system. Affirmative Action for more equal opportunities for minorities and women. The War on Poverty by redistributing wealth from the richest to the poorest. After forty years of Democratic leadership the education system was performing worse than it had been before, there was still a glass ceiling for women and minorities were still disadvantaged, and there were more impoverished people. It seems that denial is the central element of the Democratic Party. In fact, despite an alarming rate of failure, the policy of the Democratic Party is simply more of the same, more and higher taxes, more social programming, more and bigger government, price controls...and they accused Bush of refusing to admit mistakes.

I have a suggestion for you Democrats: Look in the mirror and ask if these people truly reflect your values and represent who you want to be. Pundits are claiming Bush defined Kerry, that Kerry never ‘connected’ with the people, that the ‘moral majority’ won the day, that the election was won on the issue of gay marriage. These pundits are wrong. The election of a President never involves any issue other than character. Who is believable. Who is honest. Who has conviction. In case you’re missing it, the tide has turned and the people won’t be hoodwinked by a Bill Clinton without a willing accomplice in the press. The mainstream media is still that accomplice, but now we have other voices crying in the wilderness, speaking the truth. The Democratic Party styles itself as “the party of the people” and if that’s going to continue, it behooves you to figure out exactly who the American people are, what drives them, and what they really think.


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