Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cleaner Environment Causes Global Warming

I just have to laugh. Using data from the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Lung Association has recently released it’s annual State of the Air report that states flatly that our air is cleaner. Citing improvements in emissions controls on coal-burning power plants and reduced vehicle emissions, the report has shown decreases in air pollution for over six years with this year as the best on record. Compounding the good news of the State of the Air report are studies of the report itself, it’s source information, and the way the data was processed. Improvements in air quality are understated because of tabulation discrepancies.

The good news just keeps rolling in. Reports like State of the Air are becoming commonplace. Best-selling novelist Michael Crichton (who has never been criticized for not doing his background research) writes State of Fear which is a broadside to the environmentalist and global-warming movements. Yet, in the face of actual improvements in the environment and cleaner air, the environmentalists take a dive off the deep end. “Clear skies end global dimming: Earth’s air is cleaner, but this may worsen the greenhouse effect” is an article by Quirin Scheirmeier at The article opens with “our planet’s air has cleared up in the past decade or two, allowing more sunshine to reach the ground.” It goes on to explain how atmospheric pollution has been reduced making “the sky more transparent” and allowing harmful solar radiations to reach ground level.

Since the dawn of rational thought, man’s had one crackpot theory after another: flat earth, geo-centrism (the earth as the center of the universe), Global-cooling with an ensuing ice age, global warming with an ensuing ice age, and now the inherent dangers of “clear skies!” Talk about grasping at straws. I just have to keep laughing and wonder when will environmentalists get the message? Not that I think they should stop their efforts at cleaning up messes - far from it. I would just like them to recognize it’s not the crisis they’ve worked themselves into a frenzy over and stop trying to pick the pockets of people all over the world to pay for their hobby. Please, keep working but silence those among you with a political agenda.


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