Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lie of the Party

Frankly, I’m at my wit’s end. I can’t imagine being a Democrat today. How do you look at yourselves in the mirror? Democrats tout themselves as the party of the people. Time after time, I hear, I’m a Democrat because they stand for the little guy like me. It’s a good slogan, if only it were true.

Your second-highest ranking political representative compares the United States to Soviet Gulags, Nazis, and the Khmer Rouge and you don’t call for his resignation! In fact, you lie through your teeth to defend him! Dick Durbin was reading a prepared statement, so Harry Reid’s excuse that his comments were extemporaneous does not fly. Nor did his “apology” retract the comparison - he only apologized to those people whose feelings he hurt. His comments were aired on Al Jazeera the day after he made them, so again his defenders lie when they blame Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity for promoting the backlash. These are your Senators, yet you do nothing about them. When Trent Lott made a stupid, relatively innocuous, and completely extemporaneous comment off the Senate floor, outside the confines of his Senate work, at a birthday party he was castigated and forced to step down by his own party. There is no outrage on the Left for Durban - you guys circled the wagons around him - meanwhile Durban’s words are used to goad and justify more attacks on Americans. So much for the “party of the people.”

Last week, my family went to Washington, DC on vacation. I can tell you from personal experience that Dick Durbin is either a complete idiot or a bald-faced liar. The Capitol sits at 1st and Independence Avenues. Ten blocks away, at 15th and Independence Avenue, stands the Holocaust Memorial Museum. A few blocks beyond that lies the World War II Memorial, a short walk beyond that, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, and, just around the end of the Reflecting Pool, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It would take no more than a brief after-lunch break for Durbin to see his comments for what they are, but I don’t think he really needs it - I think he knows the truth and doesn’t believe a word he himself uttered. So why say them? Simply, he can’t regain power with the truth, so he lies. The Democratic Party has held all three branches of Government for almost as long as anyone alive can remember. They have been steadily losing that hegemony for over a decade. Now they hold dominance only in the Supreme Court. The truth wouldn’t help Dick Durbin, so he lied. So much for the “party of the people.”

Why not? Democrats have been lying for ages and it has always worked for them up to now. Democrats are for the little guy and against the big corporations, right? How is it then that all five liberal justices on the Supreme Court sided with government and big corporations and the four conservative justices stood with .the little guy? The liberal activists on the Supreme Court simply voided the restrictions of the Fifth Amendment as it pertains to property rights. Say what you like, but private property rights are unarguably the cornerstone of American liberty. Now, as conservative Justice Scalia said in dissent, “I can just take anyone’s property away and give it to whomever I like.” In celebration of the new powers granted to government by the Supreme Court, I move that the Town of Springfield condemn the property of William O. Moeser at 64 Chester Road so we can convert it from a private home to a new police station, or perhaps a homeless shelter. I am sure that Mr. Moeser would be thrilled to find a new home, since his interpretation of the Constitution as a living document to be interpreted “expansively” was just upheld. The “little guys” in New London, Connecticut, have just been sold down the river by the liberal agenda, their homes will be torn down to make way for a mall, all in the name of greater tax revenue for the city. So much for the “party of the people.”

I have been following this case for some time and heard about the decision while passing through Connecticut on the way to my weekend in Washington. I immediately got on the cell phone and called the offices of Bernie Sanders, Jim Jeffords, and Patrick Leahy. I implored the staffer in each office to express to their boss the urgent need to address this issue. I asked that each speak out on the floor of his branch of Congress. When I returned home, I learned - not much to my surprise - that not one of the liberal Democrat representatives from Vermont spoke out against this decision (yes, Bernie and Jim are Democrats - just look at their voting records). While my representatives were missing-in-action, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) stood up in the Senate to decry the abuse of power. So much for the “party of the people.”

On June 13, 2005, the Senate passed a resolution to apologize for lynching. What a crock! It is typical liberal-all-flash-and-no-substance rhetoric and a waste of time and energy. Throughout the judicial nomination and Bolton filibusters, the Democratic leadership was castigating Republicans for wasting so much time and distracting the Senate from the important work of the American people. With the obstructionist sluice-gates open the Senate rushed forth to pass this resolution that is SO important to America at this time. We’ve got energy and fuel problems, budget concerns, foreign trade issues, not to mention a war, but thank God we’ve now apologized for lynchings. I’ve got a news-flash for you - my family has never, ever been involved in a lynching and I don’t think it’s right for my taxes to be wasted on such NONSENSE! Lynchings happened, they were wrong, but the time to have apologized is long since passed and it’s time people were told to get over it and get on with their lives. Members of my family were slaughtered in the concentration camps (you know, like the ones that Dick Durbin said America is currently running) in Nazi Germany - I neither want nor need Germans to apologize for that. I have family that were murdered in Cuba by Castro’s illegitimate and illegal regime - I neither expect nor want him to apologize for that. Apologies don’t do a damn thing. The brutal truth, the actual history, is that till the 1960s, the Democratic Party (you know, those guys who filibustered Civil Rights laws) blocked all attempts to make lynching illegal. It’s a fact, look it up. So much for the “party of the people.”

It’s so easy for the Democratic Party to sweep their dirty laundry under the rug forty years later and simply produce a weak and limp apology for their heinous behavior. But that’s what the Democratic Party does best. After months of almost nonstop criticism of the Guantanimo Bay Prison, replete with baseless and erroneous reports in Newsweek, New York Times, and other media about abuses alleged by the prisoners (who are trained to manipulate the media by making false accusations), the Democratic critics finally went to see the place for themselves. ( Call me foolish, but I’d have gone to check it out BEFORE I criticized, but that’s just me.) Had these Congresspersons returned with horror stories of abuse and torture, we’d have heard about it ad nauseum. The fact is, these pathetic individuals returned cowed and quiet, softly expressing the fact that “this wasn’t the Gitmo that’s been described to us,” as one Representative put it. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), ever the loyal toe-the-liberal-line toady, could only muster the observation that “this proves we’ve made progress.” PATHETIC! The terrorists infesting Iraq videotape beheadings, demand ransoms, stage mass executions, car-bomb markets, make suicide bombers of retarded children - and they do all this to innocent civilians, not soldiers! But our noble and brave Democrats want us to “close Gitmo” so these people will treat our POWs better. News Flash: terrorist attacks and atrocities occurred BEFORE Gitmo was built and they’re going to continue whether it’s there or not. Is it that Democrats care more for terrorists than for Americans? No, I wouldn’t say that (unless I were angry); rather, Democrats are willing to take whatever position, no matter how extreme, in opposition to their opponent - which in this case happens to be Republicans and not terrorists. So much for the “party of the people.”

I am proud to be a Conservative and I’m proud to be a Republican. I recognize and admit that both conservatives and Republicans have done stupid, bad, illegal, and even unpatriotic things. When we find out, we Republicans punish them. That just doesn’t seem to happen on the other side of the aisle. Democrats excuse their offenders, occasionally with a mild rebuke or a ‘time-out’, but more often than not, Democrats circle the wagons and defend their reprobates with their politics of personal destruction. If she were a Republican, Hillary Clinton would have been ostracized and sent into obscurity. By contrast, the Democrats are likely to run her for President, yet her reputation for “kiss up, kick down” is much more serious than John Bolton’s. Senator Dodd (D-CT) said that barred him from “holding a high government office,” but he doesn’t move for impeachment of Senator Clinton and will likely campaign for her run as President. Where’s the headsman for Sandy Berger - you remember, he’s the Clinton-guy that stole top-secret documents ‘by mistake.’ How about Dan Rostenkowski? I just don’t get the appeal of the Democratic Party and I haven’t met anyone yet who can intellectually defend it. But, hey, it’s the “party of the people,” so let’s party-hearty and keep it goin’ till the sun goes down!


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