Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I Just Don't Get It

The ‘Cabbage Patch Kids’ are right, I “just don’t get it.”

I ‘don’t get’ the political exploitation of Cindy Sheehan and the ‘Campers For Peace.’ Bush didn’t kill her son, the terrorists did. The crowds chanting “We killed her son” are reprobates. “She just wants to discuss the loss of her son with her President, what’s so wrong with that?” Well, in case you missed it, she met with the President in April 2004 and after the meeting she said: “I now know he’s sincere about wanting freedom for the Iraqis. I know he’s sorry and feels some pain for our loss. And I know he’s a man of faith.” Her husband Pat was moved by the meeting too and he said: “We have a lot of respect for the office of the President, and I have a new respect for him because he was sincere and he didn’t have to take the time to meet with us.” The Sheehan’s and their three other children told their hometown paper, The Vacaville Reporter, that after meeting with Bush they found some peace and Cindy commented: “That was the gift the President gave us, the gift of happiness, of being together.”

The Sheehan circus is particularly disgusting when juxtaposed with the story of Bobby Glen Moon, Jr. Were it not for The Dickson Herald (a local community paper much like our Reporter) this story would have gone unreported - it has not been presented on any major news network. A Marine with the Corps Explosive Ordnance Disposal Battalion, Moon suffered blast trauma to his head leading to blindness and deafness. Doctors from Bethesda Hospital feel confident Moon will regain most of his sight and hearing. Moon is on convalescent leave and worries about what the military will do with him: “It’s an honor and I’m proud to serve my country...It’s still not apparent yet if they’re going to allow me to stay in the military. But I would like to serve out my contract. I love my job, I love being in the military.” Moon’s father is very proud of him, “It’s because of boys like him that since 9/11 they haven’t come over here and attacked us again...When I went to the hospital at Bethesda to see him a lot of other boys were there and they were proud and so dedicated...I didn’t know any of them that didn’t want to go back over there.”

I ‘just don’t get’ why the media glamorizes Cindy Sheehan, a war protester from before her son signed up, and ignores a true hero like Bobby Glen Moon, Jr. just like I ‘don’t get’ the anti-war protestors. I ‘don’t get’ the adamant proposition that WMD was the only justification for the invasion of Iraq when there is a preponderance of casus belli: WMD was just one of 24 “reasons” included in the resolution passed by Congress; then there’s the violated First Gulf War peace treaty; and the 12 years of violations of some 60 UN sanctions. That doesn’t even begin to touch on the human rights abuses - where were these protestors when Abu Grhaib was Saddam’s ‘snuff-film’ factory? Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International demand the closure of Gitmo, but what did they do for the Khurds killed in Hallabjah with nerve gas (one of those chemical weapons Saddam didn’t have) or the other 300,000 plus people murdered by Hussein and hidden in mass graves? Where were these anti-war protestors when Bill Clinton sent troops into Bosnia and why aren’t they calling for those troops to be brought home after six years and no success? It is a sink hole of hypocrisy that I ‘just don’t get.’

It is true that I ‘just don’t get it’ when Senator Patrick Leahy has to take a month to review the writings of Judge John Roberts, but blithely supports Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It is laughable for Leahy to suggest that Ginsburg, an important attorney for the American Criminal Liberties Union, was more “mainstream” than Judge Roberts. In any comparison of the careers of these two, Roberts is not only more mainstream, but he’s also less partisan. Roberts’ record shows a complete dedication to the law regardless of personal politics. Ginsburg’s record shows the exact opposite. Despite her using her legal position to promote an activist agenda, Ginsburg received nearly unanimous support from Senate Republicans and was not given the obviously partisan inquisition that Roberts is getting.

I ‘just don’t get it.’ Perhaps Republicans are held to a higher standard. Cheney tells Leahy to “go f*** yourself” after over a week of Leahy’s very personal political attacks. The comment only came to light when Leahy ran for the nearest news camera to cry about it. Cheney is lambasted and castigated for the personal interchange. Ohio Democrat Paul Hackett calls George W. Bush a “son of a b****” and Senator John Kerry says “Bush f***ed” the war up. Both Hackett and Kerry made their comments to national media, but unlike Cheney, who kept it personal, they get a pass. At a birthday party, Trent Lott compliments a fellow senator, who happened to be a segregationist, and Lott is ostracized and politically punished. On the floor of the Senate, on national television, Christopher Dodd compliments a fellow senator, who happened to be a former Ku Klux Klan Kleagle (klan lingo for a recruiter), and his comments are cheered. Yes, I guess there is a double standard, and I ‘just don’t get it.’

I ‘just don’t get’ the blind obeisance to the party line on the Left. When George W. Bush held back from appointing a 9/11 Commission, he was accused of all manner of cover-ups and foot-dragging, his calls for clarity and good investigation were rebuffed. As it turned out, the commissioners were split along party lines and appointed without regard to skill or experience, which is how a totally unqualified partisan like Richard benVeniste got appointed. It is also how a cover-up artist like Jamie Gorelick got appointed. “The commission is non-partisan,” we got told, but how is it then that Gorelick was allowed to continue as a commissioner after her “wall” memo surfaced? “It doesn’t matter,” they said, just like they said, “character doesn’t matter.” Now we know that it did matter: the wall Gorelick, at the direction of Bill Clinton, erected made it illegal (for you recent graduates, that means punishable by prison) to share information regarding on going investigations across agency ‘walls,’ thus hindering co-operation and ham-stringing counter terrorism efforts. The 9/11 Commission was charged with “connecting the dots” and getting to the bottom of our “intelligence failures,” but when the mechanism of that failure surfaced they ignored it and now when confronted with the evidence that they did, they deny knowing about it until that excuse is also proven false.

I ‘just don’t get’ the Clinton legacy. When Clinton visited the WTC in the aftermath of the first bombing and decided to prosecute the perpetrators as criminals he laid the foundation of our response to terrorist attacks for the rest of his administration. When he failed to react appropriately to the ensuing attacks and surrendered in Mogadishu, he cast the image of American weakness. The Clinton State department reversed the restrictions on granting visas from the requestor proving he deserved one to the government having to prove he didn’t. In 1995, Gorelick and Clinton left the barn door open and the planning for 9/11 was set in motion. The contested election of George W. Bush was not finished until January 2001 and his cabinet positions were not approved by Congress till June and July 2001. Blaming Bush for 9/11 is preposterous and I ‘just don’t get it.’ Since the publishing of their report, the 9/11 Commissioners have all been paid tidy sums for various book deals, interviews, and speeches and we still don’t have the definitive story of how this all happened, but we’re supposed to give them credit and credence and spend billions of dollars on their recommendations - I ‘just don’t get it.’

I ‘just don’t get’ all the doom-and-gloom armchair economists prognosticating the end of the world when the economy is doing so well. Two weeks ago Paul Putnam wrote a great piece about “Progress in Our Town.” Certainly, Putnam used extremely anecdotal and subjective observations, but still his premise is valid - Springfield has more business and more jobs. One need only look around at the new buildings being built, sure we’re not a ‘gold town’ but we’re not a ghost town either. Then there’s the job growth, with more than 2 million jobs created and record unemployment, in the face of the Left’s projections of massive unemployment and millions of lost jobs. They had the same information the Bush team did, how did they come up with their doom-and-gloom? I ‘just don’t get it.’ Likewise, the economy, while not as great as we might like it (is it ever?), is still by any measure doing well. The “Bush tax cuts” did not destroy us, but have brought on “an unexpected leap in tax revenue” as reported by the New York Times (not FOX News). Yes, Bush gave us deficits with even greater social spending, but on top of the wreckage of our military in the wake of Clinton/Gore’s ‘peace dividend,’ Bush faced the recession that the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Wall Street Journal, and CNN (note: I didn’t mention FOX News again), as well as most other leading economists now lay at the feet of Clinton/Gore. So, despite the tax cuts, the tax dividend, and the military and social spending the Bush Administration still gets to crow about reducing the Federal deficit by nearly 25% in 2004!

It’s true - I ‘just don’t get it.’ How otherwise intelligent persons can simply shut off all critical thinking, ignore the preponderance of evidence, and place political gain over the needs of the country is just beyond me. But then, I don’t really like the taste of kool aid. Go figure. I think I prefer my kind of not-getting-it to the black-and-white dogmatic ignorance of my critics, so I’ll just continue to not get it.’ Thank you very much.


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