Friday, October 14, 2005

Bigots Don't Have To Make Sense

What is truly sad is that the broader readership of
The Springfield Reporter doesn’t object to Chuck
Gregory’s bigotry. I hope that their silence doesn’t
imply agreement. His statement that the “Israelis
knew about an imminent attack [on the World Trade
Center on 9/11], canceled their lease and moved out
less than two weeks before” was, at the same time, one
of the most infuriating and disheartening things I
have ever read.

He is referring to the Zim America Corporation, the
controlling company for the Israeli merchant marine
fleet, which had studied its position earlier in 2001
and by April had settled on Norfolk, Virginia as the
most effective venue for their operations. Their
lease was not broken, it was allowed to run out and
not renewed as of September 1, 2001, though a small
office was maintained for their shipping-tracking
computer systems - which were destroyed in the attack,
thus disrupting the entire merchant marine fleet of
Israel (dumb move for people who knew what was
coming). Mr. Gregory must be relying on the debunked
writings of Christopher Bollyn (American Free Press),
who’s become the sole source for this element of the
wider 9/11 conspiracy theorists. However, I wouldn’t
be surprised to learn he subscribed to Mohammed
al-Amir Atta, a retired lawyer and father to the
leader of the 9/11 hijackers, who, like Mr. Gregory,
blames the attack on the Israelis.

I read a lot. I spend a good deal of time researching
a wide variety of subjects. It is amazing the amount
of information out there and some of it stretches
one’s credulity, requiring serious consideration of
which sources one chooses to accept and repeat. The
easy access to credible information fuels my ire with
Mr. Gregory. It would have taken almost no time at
all and hardly any effort for him to have learned that
of the thousands who died that day, over 400 were
Jews. It takes a sick and twisted mind to buy into
such a story whose origin has been proven to emanate
from Pravda and Al-Manar Television. It comes as no
surprise to me that Mr. Gregory would quote Pravda
and, I guess, given his protests in the center of
town, it should come as no surprise that he’s a
mouthpiece for “the pro-Palestinian channel for Arabs
and Muslims.” I guess what bothers me is that it
doesn’t seem to bother anyone else enough for them to
write in about it.

It’s somewhat odd that Mr. Gregory has the ability to
feel everyone else’s pain (I draw your attention back
to the woman whose private life he described so
vividly from one epithet she yelled at him during one
of his protests), yet he’s unable to be touched by the
ruin of Larry Silverstein, another Jew linked to 9/11.
Granted, Silverstein is one of those rich people who
have more money than they should, according to Mr.
Gregory. Silverstein is also one of those
“pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps,” “self-made
success-stories” that Mr. Gregory told us never
existed. Mr. Silverstein earned his riches building
buildings like World Trade Center Number 7. He became
so enamored of the project that through a series of
good and bad events he ended up buying the WTC towers
on July 24, 2001 for $3.2 billion. The terms of the
deal were $616 million upon signing and $100 million
each year for the next ten years. And, yes, there’s
insurance - he insured the towers for $3.5 billion,
however, the insurance company counts the event as one
claim, not one attack on each building. This being
the United States of the Twenty-first century, before
the dust settled at ground zero, the lawyers descended
on Mr. Silverstein. Mr. Gregory’s kook theory doesn’t
explain how Mr. Silverstein, a friend to many Israeli
officials, including Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu,
and Ehud Barak, got left off the list of those who
were warned.

As with most bigots, Mr. Gregory is long on blame but
disastrously short on responsibility. He wrote that
“George Bush will go down in history as the first
president to lose an entire city in peacetime.” What
his hatred blinds him to is the simple fact that
Washington, DC is a great distance away from New
Orleans and that the President of the United States
has no authority in local politics there. The Federal
government is barred from activating the National
Guard, that’s the purview of the State’s governors -
it’s that pesky document the Constitution that Mr.
Gregory so frequently ignores. It wasn’t George Bush
who squandered Federal money earmarked for levee
maintenance; that was Ray Nagen, the mayor of New
Orleans, who also neglected to force his people to
evacuate, who also neglected to provide transportation
for their evacuation. It wasn’t George Bush who
trapped people in the arena without food or water;
that was the Governor of Louisiana. But then, Chuck
Gregory has never allowed the facts to color his
jaundiced view of the world, only his hatred. What
Mr. Gregory steadfastly refuses to admit to himself is
that New Orleans has been run lock-stock-and-barrel by
Democrats for over sixty years. If there was poverty,
unemployment, drug-trafficking, and corruption there,
it wasn’t the fault of “the Republican agenda...geared
to creating crises for the purpose of rewarding

Mr. Gregory can continue to shoot spitballs at me from
his comfortably blinkered corner, but I’m just about
done with him. The lies he peddles are too simple to
refute with facts and his distortions are too bizarre
for serious consideration. His ranting reminds me of
the tirades my daughter spouts when she doesn’t get
what she wants, but she’s only

Followup for Mr. Otis: As I mentioned above, I do do a
lot of research and I can’t seem to find any reputable
historian who corroborates your claim that “the
Capitalistic Rockefeller-Rothschild financial empires
did finance the Communist movement in Russia, leading
to the Bolshevik coup.” Likewise, I found no evidence
whatsoever for a “Capitalist Establishment” funding
for the 1960s radical movements. That doesn’t mean
they are not out there, just that I couldn’t find
them; perhaps you could provide some real historical
analyses, rather than Adrian Krieg who is a leading
conspiracy theorist author. I was able to track down
your obscure reference to the Chinese in Panama, but
again I was unable to find any serious discussion of,
or even propositions for, a Chinese Red Army based
there. Finally, Mr. Otis, in the age of stealth
bombers able to fly around the world almost non-stop,
enter a theater of war, deliver a varied payload
capable of destroying anti-aircraft units, armored
vehicles, runways, installations, and personnel, and
then return home, why would you worry about the Panama
canal, especially given the existence of the Atlantic
and Pacific Fleets at either end of it?

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