Monday, October 02, 2006

Copperheads ~ just another snake in the grass

“Democrats oppose the war, blaming the president and
the Republicans. The Democrats see the president as a
tyrant bent on destroying America using despotic
powers. The anti-war movement promotes desertion,
encourages enemy soldiers, and supports the actions of
prisoners of war against their jailors.”

The statements above are nothing new. We’ve heard it
all before. It’s the same tired old song and, as
expected, Democrats get very agitated when such things
are said. The only remarkable thing about the above
statements is that they come from the 1860s and the
time of the Civil War. If you’d care to check on the
facts, research the Copperheads and you’ll see for
yourself that the modus operandi of the Democratic
Party has a long and ignoble history.

It’s true. Then, as now, the Democrats, in time of
war, were driven by partisan ambition rather than by
morals, justice, or what’s best for the country.
Today’s Democrats did not demonstrate or protest when
troops were sent to Haiti, Somalia, or Bosnia. They
did not demand to investigate the reasons for those
actions. It seems their “pacifistic-diplomania”
manifests only when there is a Republican in the White
House, and that begs the question, “why is that?”

John M. Stettner
Springfield, VT

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